Specialists in manufacture and maintenance of machines and ultrasonic quilting

Manufacture, repair and technical support

About us

Optron Textile Machinery is the first Spanish company in the manufacture of industrial machinery for quilted products in the mattress and home textile industry.

We design and build quilting machines of closed drawing and multineedle, along with other aids such as ultrasound machines for engraving, welding and cutting.

Our range of textile machinery offers excellent performance in both large industries and small and medium enterprises working in collaboration with major firms.

Optron technology is found in most Spanish quilting companies and countries of South America, Middle East, Russia, Portugal and Morocco with a rapidly expanding international presence.

The versatility and ease of use of machines Optron, our rigorous internal quality control, the transfer of our R&D to the production process and after sales service, the ability to perform maintenance and repair online, along with humane treatment and the advides we offer are some of the qualities our customers value most.

Our philosophy

"We want to be the ally of the best company"

If you belong to a group of professionals looking for the best quality products, you can count on our experience to help you achieve it.

Backed by leading quality standards, Optron Textile Machinery create systems, processes and equipment that meet the industrial classics values: durability, strength, usability and compatibility.

Do not impair your quality with a bit cheaper options. Over time you will verify that the best way of making profitable your investment is offering quality to your customers, allowing you to follow an ascending line in your business.

"We are committed to constantly research and development"

The constant dedication to research and development is the element that makes un different. Thus, from Optron Textile Machinery we can offer the best quality. To do this we rely on the training, experience and study of your needs and specific proposals.

"We make machines for people"

Knowing the technique is important, but knowing people is even more, because of it we like to say we make machines for people.

We know that the best businesses are run by executives and managers committed to his/her business. In Optron Textile Machinery we are equally concerned that our customers have the best quality in their products.

Quality assurance

We care for each machine we manufacture to get a product of exceptional quality, watching every detail in the manufacturing process, finishing and fine tuning.For that, our highly qualified staff subjected the machine to various tests in order to get an exclusive product with high technology that allows the total satisfaction of our customers.

Backed (governed) by the rules UNE and CE and in the process of implementing ISO 9001:2008 our personal uarantee also contains: The best mechanical and electrical parts as raw material with firms such as Emerson, Sick, Schneider, Festo o Telemecanique.
Thorough quality control of each part during the manufacturing process.

Testing process prior to delivery which includes electromechanical and final product tests.
Immediate assembly of each machine at the customer's plant.

Technology and innovation

In Optron Textile Machinery we offer our own team of engineers (systems, computer, electronic, etc.), since we do not outsource the development of our electro-computing products.

Our professionals have access to the latest tools for integrated ERP, product development tools such as CAD / CAE or quality monitoring.

This allows us to obtain a solid product in terms of reliability and at the same time be flexible to the proposals and possible improvements for the future through dialogue with our customers.

Thanks to this line of constant improvement we have been able to maintain the competitiveness of an industry as demanding as textile machinery. Proof of this is the high degree of fusion electro-mechanical-computer made in our machines.

Advantages of machinery
All our models have the advantage of perfect integration between machine and the design software OptronCAD and the control in the Terminal.


Optron Textile Machinery is committed to respecting the environment and nature protection.

We want our time on the planet does not contribute to degrade, so we have different companies for the proper management of each of the residues we generate from our activities.


Optron Textile Machinery has a few top facilities covering more than 3,000 m2 distributed in the workshop, the area of modeling of manufacturing, electrical assembly areas, logistics area and loading docks.

also have specialized technical departments in computer electronics, industrial programming, mechanical and construction engineering, as well as administration and sales departments.

Versatility and design

Our careful design and manufacturing process allows us to offer maximum versatility, quilting products from the finest materials to large thickness even with the latest technological materials such as visco or latex or soft and its derivatives.

Optron Textile Machinery also allows you to make as designs as you wish, without limits, from the simple to complex and innovative designs that allow you to meet the demand of a market where design as a sign of quality is increasingly present.Fashion in the mattress may be present in your industry through our machines capable of making drawings of 360 or 180 and tack and jump drawings for the series Multitron.
Thanks to our technological research, Quiltron series also offers the option of working with the two heads independently.

Full service

To achieve a perfect final result and better performance in your production all of our machines offer a comprehensive service through our unique software OptronCAD. Designed to work with simple CAD tools, this software, intuitive and easy to use, allows the selection or creation of designs in the office, while the machine works in the production plant without making stops.

The user of the machine has a comprehensive control of the main variables of the drawing and the operation of the machine from the conception of the design.

Our software allows the terminal operator's interconnection with quilting machine, preventing failures due to its warning system, as well as saving designs and parameters such as stitch length and sewing speed in the same drawing file, change them while the machine is working without restart it or estimate the time of production, among other advantages, with the aim of optimizing your production.

Permanent assistance with OptronCare

The after sales service of Optron Textile Machinery is complemented by the permanent remote maintenance through the service OptronCare, an option that allows you to solve any problem that appear during the production in a immediate and instantaneous manner.

Through monitors and webcam connected to our server, we can detect and solve the problem remotely or we can guide your employees under the supervision of our engineering department.

The incident can be solved immediately and not to waste time stopping production, since in this way we can avoid the displacement of the technical service.

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