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OptronCAD is our CAD tool (Computer Aided Design), specially prepared to design and draw the motifs to use in our machines in the sewing process.

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The application allows us, in addition to the standard functionality in any CAD application, to define previously certain parameters such as length sewing stitch, sewing speed, length of auction, etc. You can insert a background image on which to work as a ”template” or sketch, create aids for use as references, define ”special” actions of stitch on specific areas of the drawing or even perform a simulation to know how would be the result with the specified needle distribution.

In addition to drawing their own formats, OptronCAD has support for opening drawings in DXF format, so you can import AutoCAD work done previously.

One of our best tools to help you make a perfect quilted product is our unique   design software OptronCad , custom made so it can be used by all the machinery Optron brand.
OptronCad allows high mechanical and technical control of the machine. It works without intermediate formats, in connection with the terminal software to get an agile and versatile communication among the designs and the machine.
Fully developed by our engineers to help you use with simple CAD tools, offers great comfort and high production through the selection of designs from a catalog or create your own designs, with the possibility of change in the office while the machine continues working.

En Optron Textile Machinery también le ofrecemos servicios complementarios de diseño, como la posibilidad de realizar modificaciones o crearle el dibujo bajo demanda.

Other advantages of OptronCad:

  • The program adapts the drawings to the machine, preventing the design of quilts that can not be done.
  • It includes tools for optimizing the time of quilt to help increase productivity and product quality.
  • Its connection to the terminal accelerate the change of parameters such as speed change, the stitch length or the mode of heads during sewing and alerts you in case of error.
  • Sewing tools allow you to check the estimated time of quilt or reorder the machine jumps.
  • It has a detection and warning system in case of error.
  • Easy to learn. It allows a perfect control in few hours if you already own design ideas in the CAD environment.
  • Only one software serves you to further enlargement machines.


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