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Optron Terminal is the software that, through a personal computer support, gives the operator a very broad control over the functionality of the machine and processes consistently performed.

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The terminal is installed and adapted to the needs and functions offered by each type of machine, but in general they all mantain very similar options. Apart from the controls available on the keypad of the electrical panel, the terminal offers the operator the ability to manage collections of patterns (previously done in OptronCAD), track bugs or problems that may arise in the machine, manage the control of production (with appropriate permissions), see an initial simulation for multineedle as specified distribution of needles, sewing some parameters of the drawings or correct slightly to compensate for the deformations that the material used, and so on.

An interesting feature in our terminal is the option of Remote Assistance, by which through Internet our technicians can take control of the terminal and help the operator with any problems or concerns, without the need to go physically.

The interconnection between OptronCAD and Terminal software of the machines makes it possible to design and control the same parameters at the machine or the server in the office.
In a Windows environment, the Terminal has an ease of use and is useful for all the Optron machinery, participating in our warnings and fault detection system.
It works in a nice, intuitive, easy to learn and use environment, through a touch screen where you can find all the buttons of the machine.
The modifications made in the machine are stored in the file where you have configured the quilted parameters for each drawing. It also allows that the same design have different configurations to accommodate to different quilted materials.

Among the machine control actions that we can be made from the terminal we find the following functions: start, stop, forward without sewing, moving home, shrinkage compensation and adjustment of the parameters such as sewing speed or stitch length.
The Terminal also provides access to integrated production control integrated in OptronCad where you program the time and working meters or the number of products you want to quilt.

Other advantages of Terminal:
It makes a record of events that makes easier training and remote maintenance. Thanks to sensors placed along the entire electronics of the quilting machine it is possible to detect any problems remotely.
It includes guidance by the operator voice recording, indicating the steps for the adjustment of the machine or the detection of errors or faults
It allows to follow sewing operations visually and the simulation of actions without being connected to the machine, thereby facilitating operator training or of future workers.

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